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sistemabatesarchivio.it New Update

X570 Gaming Pro Carbon, B550 Pro-VDH WiFi, Pro-DASH, Bazooka, X470 Gaming Plus, B450 Gaming Pro Carbon (& Max), Tomahawk (& Max), Gaming Plus ATX (& Max) You are correct about the MSI vs Gigabyte on the X570 boards. 2 slots on all of our B550 boards offer PCIe 4. The AMD Ryzen 9 3950X is a 16-core processor running on the AM4+ platform.

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\”E-ATX\” Is A Lie: How Motherboard Makers Ruined Form Factors Update

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You can blame motherboard makers for completely botching the standardization of larger motherboards. We walk through SSI-EEB, SSI-CEB, \”E-ATX,\” \”Full E-ATX,\” and \”XL-ATX.\”
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Article: https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/3566-e-atx-is-a-lie-vs-xl-atx-eeb-ceb
There are three sizes of \”XL-ATX\” and functionally infinite sizes of \”E-ATX.\”
In this video, we complain about how motherboard manufacturers and case manufacturers can’t seem to get on-board with agreeing on using actual standards (which exist, by the way) for motherboards larger than ATX. \”E-ATX\” doesn’t actually mean anything and is basically a catch-all for \”bigger than ATX, but it could be anything.\” That means that all the cases rush to add \”support\” for E-ATX in their spec sheets, even though most those cases won’t fit most the E-ATX boards. Now, thanks to this decision to avoid using SSI-EEB and SSI-CEB naming, motherboard and case manufacturers have had to reap what they have sown and create further stupid divisions: We now have cases that say they support \”Full E-ATX\” motherboards or \”True E-ATX\” motherboards. Neither \”full\” nor \”true\” is an actual form factor or standard for motherboard sizing and so means nothing. This all gets chalked-up to marketing decisions that have ruined the ease of rapidly checking compatibility for larger motherboards against cases, and ASUS and EVGA are primarily to blame. Case makers have amplified the issue.
At this point, it’d be better if they just referred to the sizes as their actual size. It’d be easier to check compatibility than randomly listing some made-up form factor that doesn’t mean anything, then throwing random adjectives in front of it to modify it.
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\”E-ATX\” Is A Lie: How Motherboard Makers Ruined Form Factors Update

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