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Movie theater promotes controversial ‘eating corn with a bucket’

by Tratamien Torosace

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Moviegoers in Ho Chi Minh City line up to get free popcorn with buckets and large crates, causing controversy over food waste.

The program is called Popcorn Festival, implemented by Lotte Cinemas from October 25 to November 30 in Ho Chi Minh City and many provinces. Accordingly, when going to one of these cinemas, audiences only need to buy movie tickets and bring any container that can contain popcorn, which will be filled by staff for free (except for plastic bags, paper bags, etc.). ).

Video “eating corn with a bucket” attracted attention on the social network of a TikToker. Video: Tiktok Lotte

The event initially created great interest in the young audience. On the social network TikTok, many videos with the keyword “eating corn with a bucket” attract hundreds of thousands of likes. In some theaters in Ho Chi Minh City, hundreds of people arrive at rush hour, queuing, carrying various items. In which, many people use plastic tubs, styrofoam containers, aluminum pots … to store.

The image introduces the event of eating corn by the bucket of the organizer. Photo: Lotte Cinema
The image introduces the event “eating corn with a bucket” of the organizer. Photo: Lotte Cinema

Many viewers were delighted with the idea of ​​being able to eat corn freely. Going to see a movie at a cinema in District 7, Mr. Tuan Ha (Binh Thanh district) said: “The event created a lively and humorous atmosphere. Many young people even brought rice cookers, pots… to store them. corn and pose for a photo”. Not only in Ho Chi Minh City, the “heat” of this activity also spread to a number of localities, attracting audiences.

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However, the phenomenon of a part of people taking corn more than they need to eat raises concerns about food waste. Audience Chieu Ngan said that he had witnessed many people who could not finish eating a third of the corn, had to leave the theater or immediately dumped it in the trash in front of the theater when leaving. She said, “If I go to the movies alone, I almost don’t order corn because I feel that the normal part is too much. When I asked some friends, they innocently said ‘I want to catch the trend, but how to eat’.” .

In a post on October 26 at an environmental forum, audience Nguyen Phu Thanh Binh wrote: “Everyone knows that a bucket like that at least five people eats bad luck, that’s for people who like to eat corn. No. What if there’s leftovers, empty the trash? To produce that much, it takes a lot of resources, then throw it away. So where is the meaning of environmental protection anymore?”. The post has more than 9,300 shares with many agreeing comments.

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Mr. Tran Xuan Phuc – film communication specialist in Ho Chi Minh City – assessed the event as an idea that could attract audiences to the theater, helping to increase the number of people buying movie tickets and generating more revenue for the unit. However, Mr. Phuc said: “In addition to the story of food waste, if the organizers do not manage the audience’s activities, it will lead to disorder, sometimes even extreme actions from users, creating a public images such as jostling, jostling, or worse, mob violence,” he said.

The image of popcorn strewn about because the audience took a lot at a movie theater, is reflected on environmental forums. Photo: I Am Trash
The image of popcorn strewn about because the audience took a lot at a movie theater, is reflected on environmental forums. Photo: Facebook I Am Trash

Lotte side admitted that the event gave rise to some unexpected negative consequences. Ms. Le Thi Tham – Lotte media representative – said that when implementing the program, the unit completely believes in customers. In order to create a comfortable psychology for the audience, they respect the viewer’s carrying of corn containers without being constrained by conditions and restrictions. “However, it is inevitable that there are cases of spillage and some images may cause people to understand in a negative way. We are very sorry about that,” Ms. Tham said.

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The unit said the activity was originally organized for the purpose of stimulating demand. They want to thank customers and attract audiences to theaters after nearly two years of the film industry being severely affected by Covid-19. The unit also wants to increase the “heat” for the box office on the occasion of the year-end movie season and the upcoming Tet holiday. After deploying, this unit was surprised because the event attracted millions of attention and interactions across platforms. Every day, the theater welcomes tens of thousands of spectators to experience, even on a low day like Monday.

The event lasted for more than a month, Lotte’s representative said it would re-evaluate and adjust and guide the audience. “The amount of leftovers depends on the customer’s demand. However, we will encourage customers to use up all the corn they have taken. We will also have notes for customers in getting enough popcorn, suitable for the intended use,” said the representative.

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