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Microsoft 365 Training New

Office for the web training. Learn how to stay productive in Office from any browser with these brand new courses. Check it out. Cheat sheets. Get up to speed fast with these quick references and keyboard shortcuts. Get now. Infographics. Get inspired with cool new infographics for your favorite Office apps.

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Moderne Arbeitsplatzausbildung

Erfahren Sie, wie Sie mit Microsoft 365 und Windows 10 von überall auf jedem Gerät mehr Arbeit erledigen können

Entdecken Sie, wie Branchenexperten Microsoft 365 nutzen, um zu kommunizieren, zusammenzuarbeiten und die Produktivität im gesamten Team und Unternehmen zu verbessern

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Microsoft Office Tutorial: Learn Excel, PowerPoint and Word – 9 HOUR MS Office Course Update New

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Download and complete the exercises for this Microsoft Office Tutorial ► https://www.simonsezit.com/office-2019-exercise-files/
This is the longest tutorial we have ever posted! In this mega, 9-hour Microsoft Office class we give you a solid grounding in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word.
Are you new to Microsoft Office? Do you need the basics for your job or for school? Then this is the video for you. We’ve even included downloadable exercises from our paid-for course that mean you can complete the MS Excel, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint exercises in this Microsoft Office Tutorial and put what you are learning into practice.
This mega tutorial is made up of extracts from our full courses. View them here:
► MS Word: https://bit.ly/3iMM370
► MS Excel: https://bit.ly/3iUhX1o
► MS PowerPoint: https://bit.ly/2UJIC9j
Use the timestamps below to navigate to different sections of the course. If you already know one of these topics, skip ahead!
Excel Timestamps
0:00:00 – Intro to Excel
0:01:19 – What’s New in Excel
0:09:12 – Course Overview
0:10:29 – Overview of the Excel Window
0:18:55 – Mouse Features
0:22:08 – BackStage View in Excel
0:24:46 – Text and Numbers
0:29:18 – Creating Basic Formulas
0:36:06 – Relative References
0:39:08 – Order of Operations
0:43:56 – Working with Ranges
0:48:29 – Practice Exercise
0:50:05 – Working with Save and Save As Commands
0:54:38 – File Extensions, Share, Exports \u0026 Publish Files
0:58:24 – Practice Exercise
0:59:21 – Opening a File
1:04:54 – Working with Larger Files
1:10:28 – Freeze Panes
1:13:44 – Split Screen
1:17:07 – Practice Exercise
1:19:57 – Headers \u0026 Footers
1:27:20 – Print Titles
1:30:13 – Comments in Excel
1:35:36 – Page Setup Options
1:43:06 – Fit to Print on One Page
1:47:05 – Printing Workbooks
1:51:03 – Practice Exercise
1:52:54 – Adding and Deleting Cells
1:59:06 – Chaing Column and Row Widths
2:02:54 – Practice Exercise
2:04:04 – Cut, Copy and Paste
2:11:11 – Copying Formulas
2:16:22 – Practice Exercise
2:17:42 – Overview of Formulas
2:20:29 – Create Formulas Using Functions Part 1
2:30:33 – Create Formulas Using Functions Part 2
2:35:58 – Absolute Values
2:41:16 – Practice Exercise
2:42:35 – Adding, Deleting, and Remaining Sheets
2:46:44 – Additional Sheet Tab Options
2:52:03 – Dimensional Functions
2:57:19 – Practice Exercise
PowerPoint Timestamps
2:58:52 – PowerPoint Welcome and Overview
3:02:11 – Navigating a PowerPoint Presentation
3:13:57 – Overview of the Screen and the Views
3:26:14 – PowerPoint Exercise 01
3:27:27 – Presentation Tips and Guidelines
3:35:37 – Creating New Presentation
3:40:24 – Working with Slides
3:47:25 – Saving Presentation
3:53:54 – PowerPoint Exercise 02
3:55:59 – Formatting Text
4:06:56 – Working with Bullets and Numbered Lists
4:17:47 – PowerPoint Exercise 03
4:19:14 – Inserting Shapes
4:31:27 – Inserting Graphics
4:37:23 – Inserting Icons and 3D Models
4:43:47 – Inserting Pictures
4:50:29 – PowerPoint Exercise 04
4:51:44 – Selecting Objects
4:55:22 – Editing Objects
4:59:59 – Formatting Objects – Part 1
5:12:50 – Formatting Objects – Part 2
5:21:53 – Arranging Objects
5:31:35 – Grouping Objects
5:38:02 – PowerPoint Exercise 05
5:30:29 – Picture Options
5:45:32 – Cropping Pictures
5:52:23 – Formatting Pictures
5:59:43 – Things You Can Do with Pictures
6:09:13 – PowerPoint Exercise 06
6:10:22 – Creating SmartArt
6:18:37 – Modifying SmartArt
6:24:43 – Creating a Flow Chart
Word Timestamps
6:29:58 – Word Course Overview
6:32:36 – Word Screen
6:40:13 – Backstage View
6:48:46 – Creating a New Document
6:57:42 – Non-printing Characters and Line Spacing
7:06:11 – Saving a Document
7:12:50 – Opening a Document
7:19:44 – Navigating a Document
7:23:42 – GoTo, Find and Replace
7:31:12 – Editing a Document
7:34:35 – Section 2 Practice Exercise
7:35:35 – AutoCorrect Options
7:44:07 – Selecting Text
7:49:27 – Cut, Copy and Paste
7:57:39 – Character Formatting Options
8:05:43 – Format Painter
8:09:11 – Working with Numbers
8:17:14 – Working with Bullets
8:24:15 – Creating an Outline
8:29:52 – Section 3 Practice Exercise
8:31:55 – Alignment Options
8:35:15 – Line Spacing Options
8:39:59 – Working with Indents
8:45:17 – Working with Tabs
8:57:33 – Section 4 Practice Exercise
8:58:41 – Sorting a List
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 Update Microsoft Office Tutorial: Learn Excel, PowerPoint and Word - 9 HOUR MS Office Course
Microsoft Office Tutorial: Learn Excel, PowerPoint and Word – 9 HOUR MS Office Course New

TrainingOffice.com Update

Training templates are ideal for human resources personnel, subject matter experts, management teams, training and development specialists, and teachers. Consider using a course template to help improve efficiencies and innovation for a program or department, or to improve employee retention, satisfaction, and motivation.

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Erweitern Sie Ihren Schulungskurs mit Schulungsvorlagen

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Das Erstellen eines Schulungsprogramms oder -kurses kann eine Herausforderung sein

Es kann hilfreich sein, mit einer dieser Schulungsvorlagen zu beginnen

Erstellen Sie Ihren eigenen PowerPoint-Kurs mit einer Vielzahl von Trainingsplanvorlagen und Kursthemen zur Auswahl

In dieser Sammlung finden Sie eine Reihe von Kursvorlagen, die zu Ihrem Thema oder Fachgebiet passen

Sie können Schulungsvorlagen verwenden, um Unterrichtspläne zu erstellen, um einen neuen Prozess oder ein neues System zu unterrichten

Probieren Sie Lehrplanvorlagen aus, um jeden Schritt im Lernprozess zu definieren, die vermittelten Fähigkeiten zu identifizieren und den Fortschritt im Laufe des Kurses aufzuzeichnen

Schulungsvorlagen sind in einer Vielzahl von Formaten verfügbar, darunter ein Standard-Timeline-Kurs, ein Storyline-Kurs, ein klassischer Unternehmenskurs und ein Diagrammkurs, um nur einige zu nennen

Die Verwendung einer Trainingsvorlage könnte nicht einfacher sein

Wählen Sie einfach Ihren Text aus und beginnen Sie mit der Eingabe

Schulungsvorlagen sind ideal für Mitarbeiter der Personalabteilung, Fachexperten, Managementteams, Schulungs- und Entwicklungsspezialisten und Lehrer

Erwägen Sie die Verwendung einer Kursvorlage, um die Effizienz und Innovation für ein Programm oder eine Abteilung zu verbessern oder die Mitarbeiterbindung, -zufriedenheit und -motivation zu verbessern.

Pengenalan pelatihan Dasar-dasar Office Update

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Neues Update zum Thema in office training

The Office Training Center is rolling out six new training courses covering the basics of using Office. Like any subject—math, chemistry, or video games—even when you understand more advanced concepts, you can stumble over the basics. We looked at what customers struggled with, both novice and expert alike, and Office Basics was born. Whether you work with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, or another Office app, you can learn a lot in these short videos, like how to sign into Office, rename files, add comments, or insert hyperlinks.
Learn more: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/-41684255-24dc-4078-92c2-9a05f6684f63

in office training Einige Bilder im Thema

 New Pengenalan pelatihan Dasar-dasar Office
Pengenalan pelatihan Dasar-dasar Office Update

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